The Sheroes Project: An Introduction

Welcome to the Sheroes Project! The Sheroes Project is an interactive, online video talk show featuring inspirational personal and professional stories of women in technology and aims to address the gender divide in technology. Each month, we will showcase the remarkable journeys of dynamic women, who are breaking through barriers, blazing new trails and making a difference in the tech industry. Featuring a variety of guests, from entrepreneurs and executives, to engineers and academics, the goal of the Sheroes project is to educate, inspire and motivate young girls to pursue engineering and computer science.

Interviews will be conducted once a month over Google Hangouts. Details about the date and time for the interview, as well as the featured Shero will be posted on the website at least one week in advance. Conducting interviews over Google Hangouts ensures that they are:

  • ACCESSIBLE to anyone, at any time as videos will be both live-streamed and available on the Sheroes Youtube channel. Viewers can tune in from anywhere in the world, and watch at their own convenience.

  • INTERACTIVE as people will be able to submit their own questions to be asked during the interviews, and a limited number of people will be able to be a part of the hangout in real-time and have the chance to ask questions of the Sheroes themselves.

  • ENGAGING for viewers, who will be able to hear Sheroes' thoughts and responses, and engage with them further through the video feature.

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